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 HumanKind Psychotherapy  

Face to face and online therapy for individuals and couples 

| Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy |
| Analytic, Integrative and Existential 
Psychotherapy |
| EMDR | Mindfulness |
| Clinical Supervision | CPD & Training |
| Low Cost Psychotherapy |

How We Work

Deciding to start therapy can feel like a big step and finding the right therapist can be challenging.
All our therapists offer an initial consultation to explore whether they can offer you what you need.  In the consultation w
e are interested to hear from you about what brought you to therapy, and together we will work out what you would like to achieve in your sessions. 


From the consultation, you can decide how you would like to move forward.

We offer  weekly, twice weekly and fortnightly sessions, keeping sessions on the same day at the same time for consistency.  Your sessions can be either face to face or online depending on your therapist of choice

Therapy can be short or long term and can help with understanding ourselves better in relation to others as well as teaching us how we manage difficult feelings and thoughts.

We will provide a space that is confidential and supportive and calm, where difficult feelings, thoughts and experiences can be expressed and processed safely and without judgement. We offer a range of different approaches that can support you with moving forward. 

Please explore our website to see the therapies we offer and get to know our therapists better


If you have further questions or would like to book a consultation please feel free to

 contact us. 

The therapy offered is informed by psycho-analytic ideas and attachment theory and offers a person-centred and trauma informed approach in which we combine different skills and techniques gained through professional trainings. We offer a confidential space that is free from judgement which gives you the opportunity to explore feelings, thoughts and experiences that are difficult to express and process. Perhaps these experiences are causing you too much emotional pain and impact on your daily life and relationships. Our experience teaches us that we often hold onto pictures and memories that can impact on how we engage with ourselves, our relationships and the world . By looking at those memories, images and patterns in a therapeutic space we learn to move forward, manage our feelings and thoughts better and aim to live a more fulfilling life. 

All therapists are registered with HCPC , BACP or UKCP and engage in regular clinical supervision. All our trainees are receiving weekly supervision and support through their schools/universities. 

Find our more about our team here 

   About HumanKind
Contact us

Please note that sometimes we can take between 3-5 working days to reply to your request.

Thank you for your patience!


Peckham Levels
UNIT 410-413
95a Rye Lane

SE15 4ST London


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