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Psychosexual Relationship

Psychosexual Therapy is a type of therapy that is designed to help individuals and couples address medical, psychological, personal, and/or interpersonal factors impacting on sexual satisfaction.


In this therapy we explore sexual issues and the impact these may have on your life and relationships and HumanKind offer Psychosexual Psychotherapy for both individuals and couples. Clients will be supported in exploring their sexuality and helped to develop a more conscious sexual self-esteem and enjoyment of sexuality.


In psychosexual therapy you sometimes receive exercises tailored to what you are working on. Psychosexual therapy can be long term, especially when your challenges are routed in experiences that have caused trauma. 

Clients may find that sexual satisfaction and relationships are impacted due previous sexual trauma. Our therapists have completed specialised training  (CPD) with The Centre for Psycho-Sexual Health and trained in EMDR to support our clients with processing these memories and events. 

Relationship/Couples Therapy offers a space for clients to explore and understand relationship struggles such as:

  • Problems arising from a change in life circumstances (such as having children, employment changes or ageing).

  • The feeling that of ‘drifted apart’, or a change in communication in a relationship 

  • Lack of intimacy, connection and/or sex

  • Frequent bickering, arguing, difficulty handling conflict

  • Difficulties around jealousy and trust; recovering from affairs; or help with exploring other romantic arrangements.


Price per session
£100 - £140  for individual therapy   

£110- £130 for couples therapy 

Email us for further information on Psychosexual & Relationship Psychotherapy on or to book a consultation 

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