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Practicalities - Q&A 

Fees - How much do I pay? 

Our fees are dependent on what you can afford long term and dependent on your therapist of choice; their experience and level of training. Please visit about HumanKind to find out what the ranges are for your preferred therapist. 

Cancelations - What if I cannot make the session?
Psychotherapy is a bit different to therapies accessed on an ad-hoc basis like massage or physio in that you will likely be wanting an ongoing, open-ended reservation. When you start therapy you agree to a time slot each week.

We will keep your slot open to you as long as you need it with the expectation that it is used each week or on agreement forth-nightly.


If you choose not to use the slot in a particular week or are unable to attend for whatever reason, the session(s) will still be chargeable, unless there are exceptional circumstances. When you are away, we protect/keep your slot for you, when you do not attend.

Read more about it here

Rescheduling - is there an option to reschedule? 
If you wish to reschedule a session and give us sufficient notice we will always endeavour to find you an alternative slot that week (face to face or online). But if your therapist does not have availability or the slots we have available aren’t convenient for you, the session will still be chargeable.

How to find us? 


HumanKind is based on the 4th Level (unit 413 & 411) of Peckham Levels Car park. The car park is a short walk from Peckham Rye station. Turn left down Rye Lane (towards McDonalds) and cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. On your right will be Santander as you face Peckhamplex cinema. Walk towards the cinema, turn right and follow the alleyway all the way down until you see our black doors. Take a peek inside and walk up our vibrant multi-coloured staircase to Level 1, enter the orange doors and walk up to the 4th level - we are in Unit 413 and 411

Please note: if your session is out of hours or on a Monday or Tuesday, the first set of doors will be closed, so walk through the second lot of black doors, walk through the ground-floor of the carpark, then on the left you see two big black doors for members, enter and walk up to level 4. 



Parking (for a carpark we have very limited carpark options!)

There is very limited Pay and Display parking on the ground floor of the site (accessible from Cerise Road off Hanover Park). We strongly advise that you do not arrive by car if possible.

Step free access is available via the lifts from Level 0 and our helpful security will be able to assist should you experience any issues.

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